About SiB

Small is Beautiful

Devonport’s longest-running pre-school facility has provided quality education since 1982.

Val Morrison Run by Val Morrison and fully qualified staff we cater for up to 20 children between the ages of two and five years on weekdays from 9am to 1pm. Ten children aged three years and over can be accommodated from 9am to 3pm.

We provide a pre-school education that ticks all the quality boxes, however SiB moves well beyond generally accepted practice. In addition, early reading, writing and problem-solving skills are uniquely presented and an integral part of the daily routine.

Children attending enjoy a balance between free play throughout the session, interspersed with focused-group craft, science and art. Our mat time incorporates a variety of engaging activities including drama, poetry, rhythmic skills, story time, dancing, games and puppetry. The children love mat time and it promotes the auditory and motor skills which underpin learning. We value spontaneous play and also provide opportunities for the children to work productively in small teacher-led groups. Small is Beautiful preschool Devonport The outdoor play area is another learning space and enhances important gross motor skills as well as providing natural science experiences, including with our resident rabbit Flopsy.

At Small is Beautiful we are proud of our reputation for welcoming all children, our up-to-date approach to discipline and our ability to extend children.

Our unique, individualised development assessment system ensures that each child is given the opportunity to be “beautifully prepared for school” (the words of a primary school principal referring to our children).

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