Parents say

Small is Beautiful parents (and ex pupils) say

Thank you so much for being so kind to me and encouraging me over the years. I can’t ask for a better boss in the future! It has been quite special for me to be able to come back to my old kindergarten and remind myself of the activities I used to do when I was there and the friends I made. I actually still have some of the things I made at Small is Beautiful like a reindeer made out of old corks and pipe cleaners that I hang on the Christmas tree every year. You have given me such a great opportunity to learn and gain work experience and I am so grateful for that.  Kirsty, former pupil.

I’m not quite sure where to start with this thank you note… I can’t really put into words to justify enough of how utterly grateful I am to you for maturing my son in the last three years. But it goes beyond that because you have helped to shape (so magnificently) all three of my children. So, thank you doesn’t seem quite enough … but it’s a good place to start. You are amazing at what you do and I feel extremely lucky to have met you and lived next door to you both for as long as we did. You have something very special at SiB, something you would be very hard pressed to find anywhere else. My son has loved being at SiB and so did my other two children. It’s a very sad day for me and for them – an end of an era. A pretty large era – I think it’s seven years, almost exactly… Thank you for everything.  Parent of former pupils.

We will miss the many great times at Small is Beautiful. My children have grown and developed so much under your caring influence. They often sing me songs and tell me stories of the fun they had at your preschool. I know you will continue to inspire many more children.  Parent of former pupils.

My two youngest children attended SiB from the age of three to five. I chose this kindy due to its size and child-to-teacher ratio. It’s an incredibly nurturing environment which made the transition from home to kindy much easier for me. I love the smaller afternoon sessions which I look at as a supervised play date. Both of my kids really came out of their shells during these sessions and thoroughly enjoyed them. Both kids have fantastic listening skills (at school and during other activities) and a great ability to follow instructions well, which I believe is a result of their time at SiB.

Val is a wonderful person and clearly passionate about SiB. She is a pleasure to deal with and always has time for you. Thanks Val.  Debbie Grainger, June 2016.

I have sent my three children to this wonderful pre-school over the last seven years. I couldn’t have asked for anything more in giving them the best start to their school careers. They all loved their time there, as did I. It is such a nurturing environment and teaches them excellent skills to give them the best start in everything they do. Val is a very special lady who invests so much time in each child. I think you would be hard pushed to find a pre-school like Small is Beautiful.  Ruth, June 2016.

I sent both my children to Small is Beautiful. I was delighted with how my children were lovingly cared for, encouraged and educated. The teachers were so kind and nurturing. When I dropped them off I always felt I was leaving them in the best of hands.

I was impressed by the individual lesson in the busy books, the music and dance sessions and the engaging science and  craft. My children flourished at Small  is Beautiful. Parent, June 2016

A friend used to rave about Small is Beautiful and owner Val, so when it came time for my youngest son to start kindy I decided to check them out. Here we are 14 months later and my one true regret is that I hadn’t discovered Val and her team in time for my eldest.  Rachel, June 2016

It was common knowledge that all of the primary schools in the area would say that they could tell the children who had been to SiB because of the knowledge they already had, the good manners and sharing that they already had and their keenness to be involved and work in a group.  Parent

Our daughter loved the Busy Book challenges. Every morning she headed straight to the Busy Book corner, found her book and became thoroughly involved. Now (aged 25) she still has her collection of Busy Books representing her 2½ years at SiB. She has referred to the Busy Books over the years and they continue to delight her.  Parent

This system [Busy Books] is one that the kids love.
As a parent I have often sat and watched the kids lining up voluntarily to do what is in their books for the day and, if they miss out on a particular day, the disappointment is huge.  

Having known Val as her youth leader some years ago, Robyn Holt (Devonport Girls’ Brigade Captain and Mainly Music Coordinator) chose to send her children to Small is Beautiful.

Val is extremely passionate about what she does and extremely knowledgeable about early childhood education. Benjamin started when he was three and a lot of people asked me why I wasn’t sending him to kindy. The teacher ratios at Small is Beautiful are higher than kindy and in my experience when they leave they are far better prepared for school.

Robyn’s view was endorsed by Benjamin who had started at Belmont Primary School.

He was straight into everything and was sitting and listening to the teacher from Day One. Other parents couldn’t believe how quickly he settled in. He knew how to hold his pencil, how to function with books and his numeracy skills were right up there.

Robyn’s second son Dominic also went to Small is Beautiful and got off to the same flying start when he began school.

Sending them to Val at Small is Beautiful is the very best investment we have made in our children’s education.

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